On our Pastor’s mind…


Easter – A Great Conversation Topic

We have been talking about sharing our faith and engaging others in spiritual conversations. My hope is that sharing your life-story and pointing conversations toward the cross will become a regular part of who you are and of your conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. Remember, if you are excited about something, your friends will want to hear about it, too.

Since Spring has arrived, Easter is coming soon. And Easter is a wonderful time to engage people in “cross-directed” conversations. You just need to take advantage of some well-timed transitional questions. So ask God to prepare the way and to use you, then ask some questions. For example, ask them what their plans are for Easter; ask them what their favorite thing about Easter is; ask them if they know what Easter is about and why we celebrate it. Note: Remember, for every response they give, you too will also have an opportunity to share.

Help them understand that Easter is about a loving, gracious, and merciful God saving people from a holy, righteous, and wrathful God.Shepherd and Cross It is about God saving man from Himself. It is about God Himself taking on flesh, living as a man, satisfying God’s own righteous requirements, and then shedding His blood as atonement for our sin. Not only did God Himself as Jesus Christ completely satisfy the justice and righteousness of God the Father through His death, but also on Easter Sunday morning, He conquered even death as God the Father raised Him victoriously and gloriously from the grave.

Tell them Jesus is alive. Tell them Jesus saves. Tell them God reigns victoriously.

Then invite them to come to church with you to worship the risen Lord and to glorify God the Father.

Pastor Luckey