City View & Coronavirus Update


Sunday , May 24 at 10:45 AM

Current as of May 12, 2020

Hello Friends and Family of City View!

We are excited to tell you that after weeks of suspending our on-campus services because of the coronavirus, we are ready to begin coming out of a long and necessary hibernation. Just as local businesses are beginning to open cautiously, our church leadership has been planning for a cautious and slow return to our different services and ministries.

The first phase in this reopening will begin with our on-campus Worship Services on Sunday, May 24.

PHASE 1 – Restarting Worship Services on Church Campus: Sunday, May 24 at 10:45 AM

Streaming Worship Services Will Continue

We invite you to come and gather with us for our Worship Services on the church campus.  During this phase, we are insisting on strict Social Distancing for the protection of all who will join us.

Note: We highly encourage all those who are part of our Vulnerable Population to continue sheltering in place. For your benefit, Streaming Worship Services Online will continue. So, if you are not able or not ready to be out and about with other people, please stay home.

Important Details You Need to Know

The following details and instructions are important:

  • Prepare: First, and foremost, come to love and honor and worship the Lord. At home or at church, we always hope that you will prepare your hearts for our time of corporate worship.
  • Faith, Love, & Grace: As you come to worship, please remember that our faith is in the Lord. We trust Him for our health, our safety, and our continued blessings. We want you to be safe and take precautions, but we urge you not to let fear rule your heart. Come to worship trusting in our gracious and all-powerful heavenly Father.

Note: As you come, keep in mind the well-being of others. Realize that we each have different thoughts and levels of concern about this virus and how to respond during this season. So, please be respectful and gracious with each other out of love for the Lord.

  • Parking and Entering: We will ONLY be using the 2nd floor. So, if you park in the front, please enter through the white doors on the front porch. Most people will want to park in the back and enter through one of the two sets of doors there in the back. Other doors will be locked.
  • Face Masks: State and local leaders have urged people to wear masks. The church purchased masks. So, if you would like to have one, the church will provide one that you may keep.
  • No Extra Children’s Services: Parents, we understand that many of you are excited to come back to our church services. At this time, we will NOT have our normal Extended Session and Children’s Church. So please plan accordingly. We ask that your household sit together in the auditorium – children and youth included.
  • Social Distancing: Out of love for each other, we urge you to be aware of one another and maintain social distancing as you travel through the hallways. There will be an instinctive Christian love and desire to greet others physically. Please resist. Again, please be respectful and gracious with each other.

In the auditorium, certain pews will be marked off for use. Please, plan to sit with your household (those in your immediate family who live under the same roof). The way the pews are marked off will allow plenty of room for social distancing.

  • Building Cleanliness: We use hospital grade cleaning products to kill germs. Our bathrooms and surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized for your protection. We are committed to maintaining the cleanliness our our bathrooms as they are used.

Hopefully, we have given you some idea as to what you can expect when we begin reopening our building on Sunday, May 24. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Luckey or Pastor Gene. We will try to resolve any confusion.

Please check back for further updates.

Purposed in Christ,
Pastor Luckey