City View Baptist Church Values Missions.
Because we value missions, we are eager to engage locally and globally. We believe our mission is to urgently engage our world with the Good News of Christ, seeing the needs, praying with compassion, and going as the Lord sends us into Knoxville and to the ends of the earth. Therefore, we are committed to praying, supporting, sending, and going missionally.

Report to the Church
2021 World Missions Offering

We praise the Lord as we report that giving to the World Missions Offering was up 30.8% over last year. The total received through December, 2021, was $13,693.63. Allocations of the money to date are:

Lottie Moon Offering for World Missions $4,518.90
Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions $4,518.90
Golden State Missions $2,190.98
Church Planters in Utah $1,260.00
Camp Ba-Yo-Ca $650.00

Additional allocations will be determined and announced in the weeks and months ahead.

Now is the time to consider joining the Missions Club. Please read and consider the presentation found further down this page.

Our Missions Focus for January:
Join Missions Club

Join the Missions Club!

Our 2021 World Missions Offering grew by over 30%, thanks to the love our church has for missions. Whether you give monthly through the Missions Club or you give a single larger gift in December, your faithful giving to missions is a blessing to our missionaries and to those whom they are reaching.

If you traditionally participate in our December Missions March, perhaps monthly giving to our World Missions Offering can help you give more to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and around the world. You can be part of our Missions Club by making regular monthly designated offerings to our World Missions Offering. Just indicate on your check or envelope that your gift is for “World Missions Offering,” so we’ll know it’s separate from your church tithes and offerings to the church budget. Then, you can give your regular monthly gift for December during our Missions March on December 18. For your convenience, you can also give online by clicking the button below.

Please Note: Your gifts to World Missions Offering and other designated offerings should not replace your regular tithes to the ministries of your church. To give to our regular church budget offering, click here.