City View Baptist Church Values Missions.
Because we value missions, we are eager to engage locally and globally. We believe our mission is to urgently engage our world with the Good News of Christ, seeing the needs, praying with compassion, and going as the Lord sends us into Knoxville and to the ends of the earth. Therefore, we are committed to praying, supporting, sending, and going missionally.

Our August/September Missionary Focus

Operation Christmas Child is our missions focus for August and September.
•Christmas gift boxes will be delivered by Samaritan’s Purse to children around the world.
•In addition to essential items and a toy, each box contains material that presents the Gospel in the recipient’s language.
•You can sponsor any number of boxes for only $25 per box. This includes shipping charges.
•Donations under $25 will be combined with others. Whether giving $1 or $1,000, your gift makes a difference.
Deadline to give is Sunday, September 20. Our boxes will be shipped the following week.
•Pray for the children who will receive the boxes, for the distributors who will deliver the boxes around the world, and for the Samaritan’s Purse workers who are dealing with COVID-19 restrictions as they receive boxes and prepare them for international shipment.
•Watch the 4-minute video presented above for more details. Contact Donna Thompson if you have questions.


The World Missions Offering of City View Baptist Church
Sharing the Good News of Jesus outside the walls of our church building!
-Supports Southern Baptist Missionaries in the USA and around the world.
-Supports missions activities of City View Baptist Church
-Supports other local, regional, national, and international missions endeavors.
Join Our Missions Club
Our annual Missions March is December 20. That’s when we receive our final gifts for the year to be used in our World Missions Offering. While the Missions March is a big celebration, many City View Baptist Church members and friends use our Missions Club to give to this offering each month through the year. Perhaps you can give more to support our missionaries and missions activities by giving monthly through the Missions Club. Your December gift would then be during the Missions March on December 20. To give this way, just include a note with your check payable to City View Baptist Church, so that we’ll know you are giving to the World Missions Fund. Or click this button to conveniently send your gift through our online portal.

Please note: Your gift to the World Missions Fund should not be in place of your regular tithe to City View Baptist Church. This special offering is our church’s opportunity to join in the work of our precious missionaries who are reaching the lost in all corners of the world.
To give your regular tithe or offering to City View Baptist Church click here.