Upcoming events

  • Jul. 4-8 – Youth to IMPACT Camp
  • Jul. 7 – YAH to Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant
  • Jul. 10 – Lord’s Supper (a.m.)
  • Jul. 15-18 – CityView U to Washington DC
  • Jul. 24 – Special Music Service: Downpour
  • Jul. 27 – Quarterly Business Meeting

Sermon Notes

What Do You Treasure Most?

Luke 12:13-34

1. The _____________ for more stuff (13-21)

2. The ______________ over lack of stuff (22-30)

3. The _______________ for Kingdom stuff (31-34)


1) What change does God want in my life or beliefs?

2) What will be the 1st step?

College Students to Stand Strong for Christ

…in Washington, DC

DCA few of our college students will join students from around the country and take a stand for Christ in our nation’s Capital. Too often we hear of groups making political stands that favor immorality. This time, however, Christians are going to demonstrate their faith and pray for our nation.

Sermon Notes

Being a Real Christians in Tough Times

Ephesians 6:4

  1. ___________________ the Father (1-7)
  1. ___________________ the Son, Jesus Christ (8-9)
  1. ____________________ on the Holy Spirit (10-12)


  • What change does God want in my life or beliefs?
  • What will be the 1st step?

Prayers for IMPACT Camp

impactSeveral of our younger students and some adults are headed to camp July 4-8. Please pray for their safe travel to Linden, TN . But more importantly, pray for God to move in their lives this week.


Thank You God for City View

This has been a great summer already. We have already seen God work in our midst, using us to do VBS here and to do Backyard Kids Clubs in Iowa. We are grateful to God.

We have already thanked those who worked in VBS. Now I would like to thank those who were engaged in some way with the work God did in Iowa:

  • Thank you students and adults who actually climbed aboard the vans, who made the long trek to Stuart, and who made yourselves available to God for the week.
  • Thank you Church Family who persevered in prayer for our team as they served in Iowa.
  • Most importantly, we thank and praise God for blessing us and using us to make Christ famous. Be glorified.

Sermon Notes

Christian Fathering 101:
Bring-up Kingdom Kids

fathers day




Ephesians 6:4

1. Dads ______________________ for your family

a. Don’t ___________________ your kids

b. Don’t ___________________ your kids

2. Dads ______________________your kids in Christ

a. _____________ faithfully for Christ in their midst

b. _______________ them Kingdom priorities

c. _________________ them according to God’s Word

d. ___________ them to serve Christ and His church


1) What change does God want in my life or beliefs?

2) What will be the 1st step?

YAH to Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

YAHIn July, the Young-at-Heart will take their regular activities on the road to Pigeon Forge for breakfast. Instead of lunch at the church, the YAH will do breakfast at The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant on July 7. Yum! Yum! If you want to join us, please sign-up on the iCare Table and be at the church by 8 a.m.


Record Lottie Moon Offering in 2015

missions1We do not always mention the result of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions. But this year, I believe we should praise God in wonderful way.

Every year, Southern Baptist receive an offering for International Missions called the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. At City View, we give to this offering when we collect our World Mission Offering in December. All of these dollars go to spread the Gospel around the world.

In early June, the Lottie Moon offering was finalized at a record $165.8 million, surpassing the previous record of 154 million set in 2013. It is the highest total in the 127-year history of the offering, dating back to the first offering for international missions in 1888. Praise God for the spread of the Gospel.