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City View Baptist Church

Welcome Home!

Thank you for joining us for our celebration of City View’s 95th anniversary on September 19 by worshipping and fellowshipping together!

We are a faith-family gathering on this hill and scattering throughout this city. We are on mission for God’s glory.

Come . . . follow Christ, show His love, and make disciples . . . to the ends of the earth . . . until Christ returns. (Matt 28:18-20)

We hope that together we may be overwhelmed and transformed by the love and grace of God. We pray you and your family will discover the living hope of eternal life found only through faith in Jesus Christ. So come and become part of the story God is writing at City View.

Contact Information

City View Baptist Church
2311 Fine Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917

Phone: (865) 522-2364

Luckey Steele, Pastor

Missions Focus for October
Our Missions Focus for October: Thanksgiving Food Drive.
Details here.

Report: 2021 World Missions Offering